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logo design

Few will admit to judging a book by it's cover, but in truth it's common practice. Seldom will we select the less appealing choice when given options. By nature, we are drawn to designs, images and brands that feel professional and well thought out. Our philosophy is evident in our past work. Some like to say 'less is more'. Often it's true. But sometimes less is just, well - less. Instead, we aim for what we call 'the irreducible-minimum'.

That is, to remove clutter, unnecessary elements and leave only what is creatively critical for a modern and clean aesthetic. We believe this kind of logo offers advantages in the marketplace as it demonstrates your attention to detail. We strive to provide high quality, appealing designs. An effective logo becomes a symbol of your company image - your identity, your brand - often your first point of contact - the cover to your book.






This is what we do! Sevenrendered is not a side-gig we practice part-time. From the day we started doing full-time design work in 2005 our most often asked question has been, "What does your name mean"? Answer: 7 is a number associated with completeness. It's a number connected to God in the Bible. In addition, the word "rendered" means, "to cause to be or become - to make." It's often used by software applications to indicate something is being generated or compiled.

Mixing the two together presents an apparent lack of humility on our part; 7 (associated with God) + rendered (made). A legitimate question would be, "Are you saying you think everything you design is divinely generated?" The answer is definitely, no. Seriously, we've designed some bad stuff in the past and we would not want to attribute it to Almighty God. Instead, we understand our name to represent where we go first for inspiration. The God of the Bible is the singular creator. All creativity comes from Him. We are simply acknowledging He is the source of all creativity. - Sevenrendered

Husband | Wife

We are a husband/ wife team - a small family-run business. We doubt it gets much smaller. We're not ashamed of the warmth that the small mom & pop style personal touches add, but we also endeavor to deliver the service you'd expect from a larger group. It flies in the face of what we believe to chase the dollar at the expense of serving those who have placed their trust in us. And despite the fact that we would rather be on the other side of the lense, after 13 years in the business, we finally have a full staff photo.