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Video & Photo

We strive to be versatile. Award winning work behind the lens requires attention to details and technique while maintaining focus on the big picture strategy driving the shoot. Our desire is to convey emotion along with information.

We're looking for the story, passion, and distinctives that can be rendered in motion or stills. Whatever the project, we'll help you identify the strongest, most compelling and attractive points of your organization, theme, or idea and work it out on screen.





This is what we do! Sevenrendered is not a side-gig we practice part-time. From the day we started doing full-time design work in 2005, we’re most often asked about the meaning of our name. Briefly, the number ’7’ is a number associated with completeness and is also connected to God in the Bible. Further, the word ‘rendered’ means, “to cause to be or become - to make.” It's often used by software applications to indicate something is being generated or compiled. As a result, we understand our name to represent where we go first for inspiration. The God of the Bible is the singular creator. With our name we are simply acknowledging that He is the source of creativity.


Husband | Wife

We are a small family-run business. We doubt it gets much smaller. We're not ashamed of the warmth that the small mom/pop style personal touches add, but we also endeavor to deliver the work you'd expect from a larger group. Thank you for taking time to check us out!